Twitter: Sharing live video clips on mobile

The mobile Twitter app now lets you share live video clips. The function, which was already available in the web version of the microblog, came in a recent update. The feature is useful for anyone who wants to comment on a specific part of a transmission without needing to signal the minute and the exact second in the tweet. In this way, your followers can go directly to the mentioned passage.

Here's how to tweet specific snippets of a live video or replay step-by-step. The procedure was carried out in the version of the application for Twitter for iPhone (iOS), but the tips are also valid for Android phones.

Twitter mobile app lets you share specific video clips; see how

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Step 1. Open a live stream or replay on Twitter. Then touch the sharing button in the lower right corner of the screen.

Open a live or replay video

Step 2. Slide the video progress bar to the desired moment. Keep the "Share from" option checked and touch "New Tweet". If you want, write a comment about the video and touch "Tweet".

Sharing a specific snippet of a video

In the shared tweet, when playing the video, it will be started in the section selected in the previous step. The time in the lower right corner of the image indicates the delay from the beginning of the video.

Video starts at selected time

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