Unconfigured keyboard in Windows 7? Learn how to solve

The keyboard may be unconfigured in Windows 7 for different reasons. The solution is to readjust the keyboard layout settings, as the system recognizes the positioning and function of each key. When this is done incorrectly, another character will be inserted by pressing the accent and cedilla buttons, for example. In addition to causing confusion, this may prevent some specific symbols from being used.

In the following tutorial, learn how to change the keyboard layout on a Windows 7 PC. Step by step is unique to this version of Microsoft's system. Users of Windows 8 or Windows 10 should consult the specific tips for each system: see how to do this in Windows 8, and how to adjust the keyboard of Windows 10 to Portuguese ABNT.

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Learn to configure the keyboard of a Windows 7 PC

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Step 1. Open the Control Panel and press "Change keyboards or other input methods" under the "Clock, Language and Region" section;

Open the Windows Control Panel

Step 2. In the window that opens, select "Change keyboards ...";

Access keyboard settings

Step 3. Then press the "Add ..." button on the right;

Adding Keyboard Layout

Step 4. Now, locate the correct layout of your keyboard, select the check box on the left and press "OK". If you want to make sure that the selected configuration is correct, check the "Preview ..." option to check;

Adding Keyboard Layout

Step 5. Returning to the previous window, set the layout added in the previous step as the main one to "Default input language", and then press "OK". If you want, you can remove the previous layout to prevent your keyboard from becoming unconfigured again.

Set the new default layout and remove the old one

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