Using Google DNS on your mobile phone

Google offers an open DNS solution, which is known to be immune to various types of attacks. The service is responsible for translating the IPs of the sites into friendly addresses, as well as those provided by the internet operators. However, these servers are not always good - they can fail and prevent access to sites or slow down. The solution in this case is to use alternatives such as Google Public DNS.

In the following tutorial, check out how to change the DNS address of your phone. The walkthrough shows how to perform the procedure on the iPhone (iOS) and also on Android. In the latter, the images were made in a Moto E4, Motorola. The path may be slightly different on third-party smartphones.

Learn how to set up Google DNS on your mobile phone

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On the iPhone

Step 1. Open iOS settings and touch "Wi-Fi".

Access Wi-Fi settings

Step 2. Next, press the "i" to the right of the network you are connected to and go to "Configure DNS".

Open DNS Settings

Step 3. Select the "Manual" option and click "Add Server". Now enter Google DNS - "" and "".

Adding Google DNS

Step 4. Delete your carrier's DNS. To do this, tap on the "-" to the left of the IP address and go to "Delete". Finally, click on "Save".

Delete your carrier's DNS and save the changes

On android

Step 1. Access the system settings and tap "Wi-Fi".

Open Wi-Fi settings

Step 2. Tap on the name of the network you are connected to and hold your finger for a few seconds. In the menu that appears, click on "Modify network". Now select "Advanced Options".

Access advanced network settings

Step 3. Under "IP Settings", select the "Static" option. Now simply fill in the network data, including Google DNS - "" and "" -, and touch "Save".

Setting up Google DNS

How to disable

Step 1. On the iPhone, go back to the Wi-Fi settings and go to the DNS settings screen. Finally, check the option "Automatic" and press "Save".

Returning to automatic DNS

Step 2. On Android, you should go back to advanced network settings and select "DHCP" under "IP Settings". Finally, touch "Save".

Returning to the default network settings

Ready! Take advantage of the tips to use Google DNS on your mobile phone and troubleshoot Internet slowness.

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