Using Google Photos to free up space on your computer

Google Photos is an unlimited cloud storage service that can be a great ally to free up space on your computer. Although the mobile version is more famous, Google also offers the platform on the PC for free. Simply upload your multimedia library to your company's servers and then delete offline content from your notebook or desktop.

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Google Photos unlimited space is worth for photos of up to 16 megapixels and videos with Full HD maximum resolution. If the material is heavier than this, the service performs an automatic compression. Here are two ways to use Google Photos to back up and recover precious gigabytes of HD.

Google Photos Has Unlimited Storage

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Google Photos on the web

The web version of Google Photos provides the most practical way to manually back up images and videos from your computer. The procedure requires a Google account, Google Chrome browser, and the computer always on, without going into sleep mode. In addition, photos need to be at least 75 MB and resolution between 256 x 256 pixels and 100 MP; and videos of a maximum of 10 GB.

Step 1. Go to in Chrome and sign in with your Google account (same as Gmail). Check the photos or videos you want to save in the cloud, and drag into the Google Photos window in the browser. The upload starts automatically and continues only if the browser remains open.

When the download is complete, Google Photos gives you the option to move content to an album with one click;

Move photos and videos to Google Photos on the web

Step 2. Next, just delete the photos from the computer and empty the bin. Files will not be removed from Google Photos.

Remove photos and empty the trash

Backup and Synchronization

Backup and Sync is a tool that replaced the PC version of Google Drive. The program lets you continuously upload data to the Google cloud as new images and videos are stored on your computer. Configured correctly, it can power your personal backup in the cloud automatically, allowing the release of space on the hard drive at any time.

Step 1. Download Google Photos to your PC via Backup and Sync and sign in with your Google account;

Sign in to Backup and Sync using your Google account

Step 2. From the menu that corresponds to your computer, check the system images folder to perform automatic backup. If there are other folders with photos and videos for backup, add them to the "Choose folder" option;

Select picture and video folders to back up

Step 3. Scroll down the screen and select the "High Quality (Free Unlimited Storage)" option to save content to the Google Cloud without worrying about space. Then, below, select the "Do not remove items in all locations" option. This choice ensures that you can recover deleted photos saved in the Google cloud.

Press the "Ok" button to finalize the setup and start the upload;

Set up Google Backup

Step 4. Backup and Sync is accessible from the icon located in the Windows application tray or from the macOS toolbar. Click to get the transfer status. When the upload is complete, the program displays the "Updated" message.

Track the upload in the system tray

Finally, delete all photos and videos from your computer. Content will be safe to retrieve later in Google Photos.

How to rescue photos from Google Photos? Ask questions in the Forum.

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