Using Google Sheets annual financial control worksheet

Google Sheets offers different spreadsheet templates for controlling finances. Users can use the free service to set annual expenses for home, family, children, leisure activities and other actions that weigh on the budget. Just follow the template to set your spending - the worksheet automatically performs the accounts and displays a balance of the user's annual budget.

Spreadsheets are opened and saved in an online environment. That way, just have a Google account to access the documents. With the procedure, you also will not have to download any files or software to your computer. The balance will be saved to your Sheets account and can be saved to the PC for viewing in Microsoft Excel or PDF in compatible software. Here's how to use a Google Sheets worksheet to track your family spending all year round.

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Step 1. Access Google Sheets from the browser and press the "Go to Google Sheets" button. If you are logged in to your Google account, you will be automatically redirected to the service home screen. Otherwise, sign in with your Google account to proceed;

Action to access Google Sheets on your computer to use an annual spending spreadsheet

Step 2. Select the "Annual budget" template at the top of the screen to open the annual spending worksheet;

Action to open a Google Sheets Annual Spending worksheet

Step 3. To start, set an initial balance amount for your finances;

Action to set an initial finance balance sheet on a Google Sheets annual spending spreadsheet template

Step 4. At the bottom of the screen, go to the "Expenses" tab to see the list of expenses suggested by the worksheet;

Action to view spending spreadsheet for Google Sheets annual balance sheet

Step 5. The spreadsheet offers only the English language. In this way, just click on the words and rewrite them in Portuguese to maintain the organization of the document;

Action to edit the name of a spend on a worksheet for Google Sheets' annual balance sheet

Step 6. To continue, click the gaps according to the month of the year that you want to enter an expense. Continue filling in the values ​​for each month so that the spreadsheet system automatically calculates the amount;

Action to start filling out values ​​on a Google Sheets Annual Spending worksheet

Step 7. After completing the expenses, note that the amount for each item is displayed in "Total". The account is made automatically by the worksheet;

Amount of one-year spending recorded on the Google Sheets Annual Spending Worksheet

Step 8. At the bottom of the screen, access the "Income" tab to view the income suggestions offered by the worksheet;

Action to view the income entry screen on a Google Sheets Annual Spending worksheet

Step 9. At this time, fill your income entries in every month;

Action to fill in income data on a Google Sheets Annual Spending Worksheet

Step 10. At the bottom of the screen, go to the "Summary" tab;

Action to view an annual spend balance on a Google Sheets worksheet

Step 11. Track the charts and other data to track your annual finances in detail.

Data indicates the user's annual expenditure balance on a Sheets Sheets

Ready. Use the tip to ensure your spending will be more conscious during the year.

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