Using LastPass Family Share

The LastPass password vault has launched a feature that unifies family members' accounts in a simplified way. The novelty, called LastPass Families, charges a one-time fee for a group of up to six people to share logins, passwords, credit card details, passports, and other sensitive information. Passwords are accessed by the browser or iPhone (iOS) and Android phone applications via master password or fingerprint.

Each member of the group chooses what they want to share with their family and what they prefer to keep confidential for personal access. Just like similar service plans like Spotify and Netflix, each user has the autonomy to have their own information in the digital safe. The platform is available to test for 30 days for those who have a free plan and for 6 months for subscribers. After this period, Families costs $ 4 a month including six bills. Learn to use.

How to use 2-step login in LastPass with the Authenticator app

Here's how to use LastPass family sharing

How to activate the trial period

Step 1. Access LastPass through the browser, log in to your account, and go to the "Account Settings" side menu.

Access LastPass Settings

Step 2. Click the "Try LastPass Families" option.

Access the LastPass Families

Step 3. A pop-up window will appear on the screen. Click "Start trial" to activate the feature and start using it immediately.

Start the LastPass Families trial period

How to add family members

Step 1. When activating LastPass Families, the service site will display a new "Manage Family" menu on the side. Click to open more options.

Manage your family on LastPass

Step 2. When you activate the family group, your user automatically becomes the administrator. Click "Add family member" to add new people.

Add family members on LastPass

Step 3. Enter e-mail and family name and click "Add Family member". If the person has not yet used LastPass, they will receive an invitation via email. If you already have account in the service, the addition to the group is immediate.

Enter family data on LastPass

Step 4. After adding the new member, tap the name to open the user preferences and choose whether you want to make it an administrator (Family manager).

Make the relative a LastPass Families administrator if you wish

Sharing passwords with family

Step 1. After adding family members, go to the "Share Center" on the side and click the "More" button to create a new shared folder.

Create a new sharing directory with your family

Step 2. Give the folder a name and grant access to family members. Choose from the "Administrator" options, which can remove items from the folder; or "Read only access", which only allows the guest to view and use the passwords stored there.

Set LastPass folder name and access

Step 3. There are two ways to add passwords to the folder. One of them is to register a new password in your personal safe by selecting the "Shared" folder.

Select the family folder to create shared passwords

Step 4. The second way to share passwords with family is by using logins already registered in your account. Use the search tool to find the information you want, check the item in the list and use the "Actions" menu to move the entry to the shared folder.

Move existing passwords to the family folder

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