Using YouTube Music on your TV with Chromecast

YouTube Music, Google's new music streaming service, has an Android and iPhone (iOS) app that supports Chromecast-equipped TVs. Also available on traditional YouTube, the compatibility with the device is even more useful in the Music version, as it serves as an alternative to listen to songs even when the app is closed.

Because of a limitation on free accounts, you need to send clips to your TV to lock your smartphone without interrupting playback. Here's how to listen to music and watch YouTube Music clips on your Chromecast television.

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How to close the YouTube app and keep listening to videos

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Step 1. If your phone and Chromecast are connected on the same Wi-Fi network, YouTube Music displays the connection button at the top of the application. Touch to select your Chromecast;

Connect YouTube Music to your TV via Chromecast

Step 2. With the connection established, click any song to begin streaming the content on the TV. Both music and video are displayed on the big screen, while the phone shows other information, such as the queue of plays and other playlist or album data. Minimize the window to navigate YouTube Music and use the menu in the footer to control playback. You can also open other apps or lock your phone without pausing music;

Minimize the app without interrupting YouTube Music on TV

Step 3. To stop listening on TV and re-use YouTube Music on your mobile phone only, touch the Chromecast button and select "Stop Broadcast."

Disconnect YouTube Music from Chromecast when finished

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