Values ​​in reais in Wish: how to change the currency to buy in the app

Wish is a popular online shopping platform at low prices, available on Android and iPhone (iOS) phones. However, Brazilian customers can be confused with values ​​because the app is set to the US dollar by default. To solve this, the free service allows you to set the currency to Real. This prevents the user from being taken by surprise when paying the bill, since the oscillations between the American and Brazilian currency can raise the costs of the product a lot.

The application converts the values ​​alone, and even if there is some difference in the quote between the dates of the purchase and the close of the invoice, the divergence will be minimal. See below how to make the currency change in Wish settings. The procedure is the same for smartphones with Google or Apple system.

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Wish can confuse users by displaying prices from the United States currency standard

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Step 1. Open Wish and tap the main menu. Scroll down to the last option, "Settings, " and click on it. Note that, even with the Brazilian Portuguese language selected, the application displays dollar prices;

Access to Wish settings on the Android app

Step 2. Access the "Current Settings" option and verify that the selected currency is US $. Touch the next set to place the Real (R $);

See the default currency defined by Wish: US $ (United States dollar)

Step 3. In the window that will open, locate "BRL (R $)" and select this option. Then press the "Change Currency" button;

Change US Dollar Wish Currency to Real

Step 4. Wish will display a message confirming the change. Finally, if the app continues to display dollar prices, close and reopen it.

Search for products in Wish with price in Real

Ready. Take the tip, set the currency in Wish and do not be surprised at the charges.

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