Viewing and clearing Google Lens history

Google Lens is a very simple and intuitive tool for identifying texts and objects in the real world. The application is able to recognize posters, books, movies, products, plants, sights, celebrities, among others. However, if you want to view your usage history, this option is not available within the tool itself.

You must access your Android settings to get this information. In the following tutorial, learn how to access everything you've done with the Google feature. The procedures were performed on a Xiaomi Mi A1 with Android O (8.0), but also serve other smartphones.

User can view your activity history on Google Lens

How to use Google Lens

Step 1. Go to the Android settings in "Configure", and go to the "Google" menu.

Access Google settings on your phone

Step 2. Go to the first option, "Google Account".

Enter your Google account settings and information

Step 3. Slide the screen until you find the option "Manage your data and personalization".

Go to the data and personalization section

Step 4. In the section that opens, "Data and customization, " search for "My activity." By tapping the button, you'll be taken to the Google page with all your activity history within the company's services. To filter, press "Filter by date and product".

Go to Google's general activity history

Step 5. Select the "Google Lens" option and tap "Apply." Okay, now you can browse your activity history in the tool.

Filter to see only Lens items

Viewing details

Step 1. To view more information about your Google Lens searches, you can tap into any of the listed uses. The separation is made by each time the resource was opened and also by dates. Select one of the items to see all the images captured by Lens at that time.

You can access more information about each element

Step 2. On the screen with the captures, select a thumbnail to enlarge the image or "Details" to see all the information of the respective search.

The captures and details of the visual searches are displayed

Deleting Items

Step 1. If you want to delete something done in Google Lens, you can do this by day or by each use (which includes multiple captures). For the first case, touch the button with three dots on the desired date and then on "Delete". For the second case, go to the screen with the one use captures and do the same process.

You can delete the Lens history

Step 2. Next, just confirm "Ok" and then "Delete". Note that the action is final and you will not be able to recover the data later.

Exclusion of activities can not be reversed

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