Vinpok Split is a portable touch screen that works as a monitor

Vinpok Split is a portable touch screen that doubles as a second monitor for computers, video games and mobile phones. With a 15.6-inch display and Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels), the product promises to increase user visibility into multitasking activities. The device is succeeding at the Indiegogo collective funding site and hit the collection goal. Its price is US $ 199 (approximately R $ 740, in direct conversion, without taxes), with deliveries to Brazil.

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The panel features IPS technology, mini HDMI connections, low power internal speaker (1 watt) and headphone jack (3.5 mm). The user can still purchase a case with angled support and plastic adapters for integration with notebook screens. Power is supplied via the connection to the main device via mini HDMI cable.

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Vinpok Split works as a touch screen auxiliary screen for notebooks and mobile devices

Vinpok Split is touch-sensitive and offers integration with computers (Windows 10), tablets and Android smartphones. These actions are ideal for creating collaborative workstations and providing greater interactivity in meetings. The setting is also indicated for recreational activities such as watching videos on the web or accompanying social networks while another task is performed on the main screen.

It is worth mentioning that support for Android devices is limited to smartphones and tablets from manufacturers Samsung, Smartisan and Huawei. For video games, only the Playstation 4, Nintendo DS and Xbox (One and X) models are compatible. The screen is not compatible with Apple devices (Mac, iPhone and iPad).

Vinpok Split screen connected to different mobile devices

The Vinpok Split screen is available through a project on the Indiegogo collective funding site. Interested parties can purchase the product for $ 199 (approximately R $ 740, in direct conversion, without taxes), plus freight of US $ 65 (about R $ 240) for Brazil. Delivery is scheduled for December this year.

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