War Heroes: Know the "Clash Royale of War" and see how to play

War Heroes is the strategy game for Android and iOS in the best style Clash Royale, where players use troops in the format of cards to face other players. With various types of soldiers, tanks and bombs, the game is simple and fun, and a great request for those who do not have much time and play in short sessions. Check out the guide on how to download and play War Heroes on your mobile phone.

Clash Royale: Check out the new Giant Goblin card and see how to use it

Downloading War Heroes

War Heroes is available for free for Android and iOS. To download the game, go to your smartphone's digital store (Play Store on Android and App Store on iPhone and iPad) and search for War Heroes. Just click the install button and wait for the game to download to your device.

Royale of war "

How to play War Heroes

Step 1. In the game, the objective is to defeat the rival army by defeating its two towers and general. For this, you will need to use troop format cards, which must be dragged into the battlefield;

The objective of War Heroes is to detonate the two bases and the general of the opponents

Step 2. Each card has a cost in energy, which will be deducted from the bar positioned at the bottom of the screen. The bar will reload gradually, just as the cards will be available to use again;

War Heroes cards have costs and consume their energy

Step 3. The big challenge is to use your units intelligently and strategically, so you always have the cards and energy to position new characters;

Use strategic attack and defense moves to win in War Heroes

Step 4. To do this, it is important to understand the effects of each of your cards, to know when it is interesting to use each of them. Knowing units used by opponents will also greatly aid in their performance, as this will avoid surprises, such as soldiers walking too fast, or tanks that do massive damage;

Get to know your units to do well in War Heroes

Step 5. Generals are special characters who lead your army, and guarantee special effects, such as attribute bonuses or even units conjured for free. Keep an eye on the new unlocked options to make your deck more powerful;

Unlock Generals to gain skills in War Heroes

Step 6. Games in War Heroes yield new chests, which contains new cards for you to customize your army. Another legal option is to use repeated cards to power your existing units, which can become more resistant and cause extra damage.

In some cases you may have to wait minutes or hours to open your chests, or pay in green gems to open them immediately.

Your matches yield chests, which may contain new cards in War Heroes