Watching movie trailers on TV with Chromecast

The Google Home app has been given a feature that lets you watch online movie trailers directly on your Chromecast-equipped TV. The app displays titles from the Google Play Movies catalog, and includes releases that recently debuted in Brazilian cinemas.

With one tap, the trailer starts to play and can be viewed on television. The new feature works on iPhone (iOS) and Android phones. See the tutorial on how to access your videos and upload content to your Chromecast over the Wi-Fi network.

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Step 1. Open the Google Home mobile app and go to the "Search" tab. In the "Google Play Movies" section, select one of the titles from the list and, in the footer, touch "Play trailer";

Access a movie trailer in the Google Home app

Step 2. By default, Google Home opens the trailer in a separate YouTube window that is not connected to Chromecast. Touch "YouTube" to open the video in the app;

Tap the YouTube button to open the in-app video

Step 3. In the YouTube app, tap the Chromecast connection button to upload the video to your TV.

Connect the YouTube app to Chromecast to watch the trailer on TV

Google Play Movies

Step 1. Another option to watch trailers on Chromecast is directly through the Google Play Movies & TV app. Open the app and connect to your Chromecast;

Connect the Google Play Movies app to your Chromecast

Step 2. Select one of the available titles and tap the video at the top to watch the trailer on the TV. At this point, the application becomes remote control for playback.

Submit a trailer to Chromecast and use the app as a control

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