Wattpad for PC: How to download, install and use the Books app in Windows 10

Wattpad, a platform that brings thousands of books to read for free, has an application for Windows 10. The program is available in the Microsoft Store and gives access to all the functions of the service, allowing you to discover works of the most varied literary genres.

In the following tutorial, teaches you how to download, install, and use Wattpad on your Windows PC. The service is also available for use by the web browser, Android phone and on the iPhone (iOS).

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Download and Installation

Step 1. Access the Wattpad download page, select Windows and click download.

On the Wattpad download page, select Windows and click on Download

Step 2. On the Wattpad page on the Microsoft Store, press the "Get" button;

Highlighted to get app button from Microsoft Store

Step 4. Wait for the download and installation of the application in Windows 10;

How to download and install Wattpad from the Microsoft Store

Step 5. When the installation is complete, press the "Start" button to open the Wattpad.

Inserting Wattpad in Windows 10 Completed

Using Wattpad in Windows 10

Step 1. Wattpad will display the login screen. If you have never used the service, enter your email, create a username and password and press "Register" or, if you prefer, use the Facebook credentials. If you have already registered on the platform, open the "Login" tab and enter your credentials;

Wattpad login screen in Windows 10

Step 2. Wattpad opens on the discovery tab, identified with a compass, which shows the digital books recommended by the platform. You can also search for a title or author through the magnifying glass tool. When you find an interesting book, simply click on it to open it;

Open tab shows the books recommended by Wattpad

Step 3. When you select a book, you will see at the top of the screen how many views, bookmarks, and comments the book has. The screen also gathers information like description, authors, number of chaplains and media (photos and videos). Press the "Read" button to effectively open the book;

Description window of a digital book in Wattpad

Step 4. In addition to the text, you will see five buttons at the top of the screen: "+" adds text to a list of readings; the star marks the book as a favorite; the dialog box allows you to view and comment; the up arrow icon is for sharing text via social networks; and the last button opens read settings, allowing you to change the font size and style, change the background color of the page, and toggle the reading mode between paging and scrolling. To go back to the text after entering one of these tools, click the blue background arrow in the left corner of the window;

Highlight for book toolbar on free Wattpad platform

Step 5. When you reach the end of the screen you will see the "Next chapter" button. Click on it to proceed with the reading.

Advance button for next chapter of the book registered in Wattpad

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