Waze indicates the best time to leave the house; know how to use on mobile

Waze has a function that helps the user check the best times to leave the house for trips or quick appointments in the city. The app, available in the app for iPhone (iOS) and Android, shows on the screen an estimate of traffic and the time that will be spent on the same route at different times. In this way, users avoid delays and avoid bottling.

Are you interested? The tutorial shows you how to access the function in Waze and activate the route alert. Check it out next.

Tutorial shows how to use Waze to find out the best time to leave home

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Step 1. Open Waze and tap the search bar. Then enter the destination location and tap on the corresponding result.

Action to find a place to create a route in Waze

Step 2. Touch the "Go Later" option. At this point, swipe your finger across the screen to choose a time of arrival to the destination and check the time in the central part of the screen with the route at that time. When you choose the best time, touch "Save".

Action to check the best time to follow a route using Waze

Step 3. You will receive on the screen the confirmation that the route has been saved. Minutes before the selected time, a Waze alert to start the journey will be posted on the screen.

Waze alert showing that the route was saved to start at the chosen time

Take the tip to avoid wasting time on traffic in appointments with no scheduled time.

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