Website reveals how much your Instagram post is worth and if you are an influencer

The Infiki website has launched an online tool, which can be accessed in any Internet browser, which estimates how much your post would be worth on Instagram - for advertising purposes. In practical terms, how much money could you earn to sell a publication in the feed, for example. The value is an estimate based on the number of followers and gives results in pounds sterling, the official currency of the United Kingdom (£ 1 equals approximately $ 4.30 in the current quote). Understand its operation and know how to use:

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You're worth $ 0.01

The metric used by Infiki is based on a study called "The State of Influencer Marketing 2017" published by the US company Linqia in late 2016. It claims that 86 percent of the US marketing market used online influencers to publicize their brands and products and that 94% of them considered the strategy effective after the initiative with bloggers and influencers . The study estimates that each follower equals $ 0.01, or "a penny."

Inkifi calculates how much a post is worth on your Instagram

According to the Business Insider website, however, relying solely on number of followers may not be the most appropriate. Lisa Targett, director of a British company called "Tribe, " commented to the website that companies are now looking for other factors to connect influencers to their audiences, especially engagement. Followers can be purchased by online tools, but quantity of tanned, comments or sharing does not. This is questionable as it is also possible to buy or forge online engagement networks.

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Inkifi is a British company specializing in creating and marketing frames and assemblies from Instagram photos or any other type of image uploaded by online users. Its operation is only in European territory, but the online tool created by the site works with accounts from anywhere in the world. Learn how to calculate your influence according to the study.

Step 1. Access the Infiki online tool at;

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Step 2. Go down the page and, where it says "Enter Your Instagram Handle", enter your Instagram username;

Step 3. Click the arrow that is just below this same field and wait for the result;

Result is displayed next

The value is shown below, also with the dollar equivalent (US $) below the British pound (£). It is worth noting that the test does not compromise your security on Instagram, as it only asks for the username, not the password, to raise the total amount of followers in the app.