What is CabiFly? Learn how to order a helicopter through the Cabify app

CabiFly is Cabify's helicopter mode, offered through partnership with the Voom air taxi platform. The service lets you use the Android or iPhone (iOS) transport app to schedule flights and quickly move between registered helipads - for now, only in the city of São Paulo. The platform allows you to fly between 7:30 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. on weekdays, or from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on weekends. The resource is useful for those who want to invest quickly and avoid the traffic congestion of large metropolises. According to the company, Voom can be up to 80% cheaper than traditional helicopter services.

The prices vary according to the route and the payment is always done by credit card. For example, a flight that departs from the region of Paulista to the airport of Guarulhos exits at $ 440. The value may be lower if the user applies discount coupons - on the first flight, it is possible to obtain 10% reduction of the cost. Here's how to use CabiFly to request helicopter transportation in advance. The next step by step is for the operating systems of Google and Apple.

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What is CabiFly? Learn how to order a helicopter through the Cabify app

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Step 1. Open the Cabify application on your mobile phone and select your starting point and arrival normally;

Select the departure and destination addresses in Cabify

Step 2. Next, touch the vehicle selector from to see the "CabiFly" option. Set transport by helicopter and advance;

Choose the Cabifly mode in the Cabify app

Step 3. Cabify's air taxi mode does not have an immediate request. After tapping "Ask Now", the application forwards the user to a flight booking menu;

Access the helicopter flight reservation at Cabify

Step 4. Cabify will redirect access to the Voom site to complete the schedule. Sign in with your Cabify account;

Sign in to Voom using your Cabify data

Step 5. After login, select the helipad closest to your home address;

Set the starting heliport on Voom

Step 6. Then do the same with the destination helipad;

Choose the arrival heliport in Voom

Step 7. Select the desired day and time for the flight and touch "Schedule Flight" to continue;

Select day and time to schedule flight on Voom

Step 8. Check the type of baggage you plan to take with you, and then go to "Add Card";

Register the baggage and add a card for payment

Step 9. Enter your credit card details. Finally, review the scheduling data carefully and enter discount codes, if any. Tap "Pay" to make the payment and end the scheduling of the helicopter flight.

Make the payment by credit card to book a flight on Voom

The service does not automatically include the route from your starting point to the nearest helipad, or from the landing site on arrival to the final destination. If you need ground transportation, you need to schedule additional trips through Cabify. Remember to arrive in advance at the departure point and present an identification document to the flight crew when boarding.

Voom operates seven heliports in São Paulo: Guarulhos Airport (Guarulhos city), Congonhas Airport (São Paulo), Viracopos Airport (Campinas city), Campo de Marte Airport (São Paulo), Maksoud Plaza Hotel (Paulista district), World Trade Center São Paulo (WTC) (Berrini neighborhood), Blue Tree Premium Faria Lima Hotel (Itaim Bibi district), Alphaville Helicenter (Alphaville neighborhood) and Helicidade Heliporto (Jaguaré neighborhood).

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