What is MaxxAudio Pro? Here's how to set up Dell audio feature

MaxxAudio Pro is a feature of Dell notebooks to configure sound quality. With an advanced settings panel, the software uses the Waves program, preinstalled on the manufacturer's notebooks. Its functions include settings for music playback, immersive sound with headphones, and microphone capture optimized for Internet calls.

Another interesting point of the tool is the possibility of recording audio and video to train presentations. Here's how to use the audio enhancement feature without having to download new applications to the PC.

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What is MaxxAudio Pro? Here's how to set up Dell audio feature

Step 1. MaxxAudio usually runs next to the operating system, so it can be opened directly from the active apps tray. Locate the program icon and double-click to open;

Open MaxxAudio Pro on your Dell computer

Step 2. On the first tab you can manually adjust the playback of the computer's speakers using an equalizer. At the end, click the save button to access the same setting in the future;

Equalize and save the profile in MaxxAudio Pro

Step 3. To retrieve a saved equalization, click "Load Preset" and select the previously created profile;

Recover an equalization previously made in MaxxAudio Pro

Step 4. In the "Dimension" menu you can test the immersive audio feature of MaxxAudio Pro. Plug a wired headset into the computer and turn the switch to the right to test with a song playing;

Turn on immersive audio from MaxxAudio Pro

Step 5. In the voice menu, adjust the sound capture angle according to your position relative to the computer. Speak aloud to find the best capture position and follow the real-time adjustment at the top of the window;

Adjust the audio capture by the microphone in MaxxAudio Pro

Step 6. In the recording menu, you can record audio and video using built-in microphone and camera on the Dell PC. The program is capable of recording long videos to rehearse presentations, for example;

Make voice and video recordings in MaxxAudio Pro

Step 7. At the end, click the video or audio recorded in the side menu and use the trash button to discard the file.

Playback audios and videos recorded in MaxxAudio Pro

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