WhatsApp for Android: how to use easy message citation

WhatsApp for Android received an update that frees up the option to quickly respond to incoming messages. Available only in Beta 2.18.300, the update adds a shortcut to make it easier to use the quote feature and streamlines the conversation in groups and with friends. The iPhone version (iOS) already has the shortcut.

So far, the official version of the Android app has not yet received the quick response shortcut. So be sure to have the updated version of WhatsApp Beta on your smartphone. To test the feature, we use a Moto C Plus with Android Nougat (7.0). Here's how to drag messages into WhatsApp.

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Tutorial shows how to respond to messages quickly in WhatsApp for Android

Step 1. In a chat, touch a message and drag it to the right corner of the screen. The action will display the quick response shortcut and create an automatic quote.

Drag the message from left to right to trigger the shortcut

Step 2. Enter the reply text and touch the green arrow icon to send the message.

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