WhatsApp Beta gains shortcut of conversations and favorites on Android; know how to use

WhatsApp Beta received an update to version 2.17.277 that brought shortcuts to the Android app icon. Now, by pressing the picture of the messenger on the home screen of the phone, the user has access to functions such as camera, marked messages and new conversation - features that make the chat experience faster.

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The new tool, reminiscent of the iPhone's 3D Touch (iOS), only works on phones upgraded with Android 7, version that is present in only 11.5% of all Android smartphones on the planet. However, you can work around this limitation and simulate the option by using launchers that personalize your phone, such as the New Launcher and the Action Launcher. Check out, in this TechTudo tutorial, the step-by-step how to use the unreleased shortcuts from WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Beta gains conversation shortcut and favorites on Android

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Step 1. To access the icons, the user must subscribe to the WhatsApp beta on the Google Play Store. Just go to the application download page and enter the testers program. Check out how to do this in detail in this tutorial.

User needs to download WhatsApp beta to gain access to shortcuts

Step 2. After updating the WhatsApp beta, tap and hold on the app icon on the Android home screen.

WhatsApp shows shortcuts on app icon on Android 7 home screen

Step 3. Note that a menu will open with the following options:

Camera - Select this item to go directly to the WhatsApp photo and video capture screen. At the end, the user can add text, figurines and draw before sending to a contact or post to Status.

User can open WhatsApp camera directly from the system home screen

Marked Messages - WhatsApp allows the user to mark a message as a favorite in a conversation. Now, with the icon shortcuts, you can access them directly from the system home screen, without having to go through the app's internal navigation.

WhatsApp icon shortcut takes user to marked messages

New conversation - If you want to start a conversation with a contact, simply tap this option in the icon shortcut. WhatsApp will open in the contacts screen so that the user can select who to chat with.

WhatsApp allows you to start a new conversation from the system home screen

Step 4. If you want to fix any of these shortcuts on the Android home screen, simply press your finger long on the desired option and drag to some empty space. So, whenever you want to access that function, just touch the icon corresponding to it.

User can set WhatsApp shortcut on Android home screen

Ready! Now you know how to use the new WhatsApp shortcuts on Android 7.

Here's how to emulate the function on phones with older versions of the system. It is important to note that when using external applications, the added feature is not the native messenger. So if WhatsApp updates shortcuts with new options, launcher apps may not play them.

How to use shortcuts on Android 5.1 or later

If you do not already have the latest version of the Google system on your phone, Action Launcher is a free application that brings some functionality to legacy devices. Activation of the feature is automatic, just download the app in Downloads. Here's how to customize the following WhatsApp shortcuts:

Step 1. After downloading and initial setting up the Action Launcher, open the application settings.

Step 2. Click on "Apps shortcuts and icons".

Open Action Launcher to edit Android icon shortcuts

Step 3. Under "Icon Indicators, " select the "Classic" option to see when an application has the icon shortcuts function.

Step 4. Scroll down the page and decide on "App shortcuts style" how you want the app to display the drop-down menu.

Action Launcher allows user to configure how WhatsApp shortcuts will appear on the screen

Step 5. After making the configuration, just follow the step by step shown in the first part of this tuorial.

Now you know how to use the WhatsApp shortcut on old Android phones. If the Action Launcher does not work, look for other alternatives, like the New Launcher.

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