WhatsApp: How to use the cell number change warning

WhatsApp for iPhone (iOS) now lets you tell your contacts about the number change. The feature, which already existed in the beta version of the Android messenger since October 2017, is useful for your friends to update their phone in their calendar. You can notify all your contacts, just who you've talked to or select specific contacts.

Check out the next step, how to use the novelty. The procedure was performed on an iPhone 5C, but the tips are valid for other models of the Apple cell phone. Please note that you need to have the latest version of the app installed on your phone - learn how to update your apps.

Learn how to notify your contacts about changing numbers

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Step 1. Access the WhatsApp settings and tap "Account". Then go to "Change Number".

Open WhatsApp Settings

Step 2. Tap "Next" in the upper right corner of the screen, and enter your current number and your new number.

Enter your current and new number

Step 3. Now, activate the "Notify Contacts" option and choose whether you want to notify everyone, only who you have talked to or specific people. In this case, select the desired contacts and press "OK".

Select the contacts you want to notify

Step 4. Next, confirm your new phone number by tapping "Yes" and then enter the verification code that will be sent via SMS. The notified contacts will see your chat at the top of the list and a warning at the top of the screen when opening the conversation.

Confirm your new phone number

Ready! Take advantage of the tips to automatically inform your contacts of your new phone number.

WhatsApp: how to tell friends about cell number change

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