WhatsApp for iPhone premieres integration with Instagram and Facebook videos

WhatsApp has won the native display of videos posted on Facebook and Instagram. Available initially in the iPhone version (iOS), the feature plays the incoming videos within the chat, without the need to use an external application. Access, therefore, gets easier. During video playback, participants continue to send messages as floating video does not stop writing texts.

The video integration was released in January with YouTube videos, also uniquely on the Apple system. Now with all three platforms added, users can attach the media file to conversations using links copied from the source apps of each video.

WhatsApp integrates playback of Instagram and Facebook videos within the chat

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The novelty is available to users who update the messenger to version 2.18.51 on the iPhone. So far there is no official information on when the feature will arrive for Android smartphones.

How to upload and watch Instagram videos

Step 1. In an Instagram video, tap the three bars icon in the upper-right corner of the screen. Then use the "Copy Link" option.

Copy the video link on Instagram

Step 2. Tap the message bar and then tap Paste. Then send the message.

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Step 3. With the video attached to the conversation, touch the playback icon so that it opens in a floating window.

Video playback within WhatsApp

Sending and watching Facebook videos

Step 1. Access a Facebook video and tap Share. Then choose the "Copy Link" option.

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Step 2. Back in WhatsApp, tap the message bar and choose "Paste." Send the message.

User must send Facebook link to contacts

Step 3. The video will be attached to the conversation and just tap the playback icon so that it is displayed in a floating window.

WhatsApp shows video without opening the official Facebook application

Use the procedure to view and send videos to your contacts and stay focused on your conversations in WhatsApp.

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