WhatsApp modifies group administrator removal; know how to do on Android

WhatsApp Beta for Android allows you to revoke the membership status of a group. The feature prevents you from having to remove a user and add it again to exclude the privilege. Revocation can be used by any administrator, as long as it is not directed to the creator of the group. The tool is also available for iPhone (iOS).

Learn how to remove an administrator without deleting the user from the WhatsApp group in the following tutorial. To use the feature on Android, you need to have the test version up to date (as of 2.18.41) and have Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or later.

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Step 1. Open the menu of a WhatsApp group and select the "Group data" option.

Access the data screen in a WhatsApp group

Step 2. Tap on a group administrator you want to remove and press and hold to open the options. Select "Remove as admin". You will then see that the user remains in the group, but without the administrator status.

Remove the administrator status of a member of the group

Basically, the messenger has changed how to remove administrator privileges. The rest of the functionality remains intact.

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