WhatsApp: Tips for Recovering Deleted Conversations

Recovering conversations from WhatsApp can be very important for most users, so the messenger brings tools that make it possible to back up chats to rescue them under different circumstances. The feature available for Android and iPhone (iOS) phones is useful, especially when the cell phone breaks, when it will be replaced, in cases of theft or even in situations where the owner accidentally erases a message. The app does not provide a native resource for this, however, some tips allow the user to gain new access to the deleted dialogs.

In the guide below, we'll show you all the steps for backing up WhatsApp conversations in Google Drive and then retrieving them on your device, plus a trick to getting your deleted chats back - mistakenly or not. The procedure is valid for the application with the Google system, but it differs from Apple software.

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See tips for retrieving conversations from WhatsApp on Android

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1. Back up your conversations

Step 1. Enter the WhatsApp main menu and go to the "Settings";

Access WhatsApp settings for Android

Step 2. Select the "Conversations" option and, on the next screen, tap "Conversation Backup";

Select Conversations Backup Tool from the WhatsApp Menu

Step 3. In the "Back up to Google Drive" field, choose the period of the backup. Also, set the Google account where the backup will be saved, the network for uploading the backup (Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi only and mobile) and whether to include videos or not. When finished, press the green "Backup" button;

Access the backup settings for WhatsApp conversations in Google Drive

Step 4. Wait for the backup to complete. At the end, the date and time of the last backup will be updated at the top of the screen.

WhatsApp Conversation Backup in Google Drive Complete

2. Restore the backup

Step 1. WhatsApp backup is meant to restore conversations if the user switches phones or uninstalls the app. If one of these situations occurs, follow the tips below to recover the saved files. First install the application again, tap the "Agree and continue" button and then press "Continue";

Reinstall WhatsApp on Android

Step 2. WhatsApp will display your message boxes with requests for access to the gallery and your contacts. Click "Allow" in both options. Then enter your phone with the DDD and tap the "Next" button. For restoration, you must use the same number as the backup was done;

Enter the WhatsApp phone number while installing the app on Android

Step 3. In the message box, confirm that the mobile number is correct and press "OK". WhatsApp will enter the confirmation code sent by SMS automatically. If this does not happen, enter the code and wait for confirmation;

Confirm sending SMS with code to WhatsApp

Step 4. Once you have confirmed the number, WhatsApp will identify that there is a backup available for restore in Google Drive. Press the "Restore" button and wait for the messenger to retrieve the messages. The process can take a long time, depending on the connection and the size of the backup;

Recover WhatsApp conversations from backup saved on Google Drive

Step 5. When the files are backed up, a "Next" button appears. Touch it and enter the profile data, which can include name, photo and emoji. Then press the "Next" button;

Restore WhatsApp conversations for Android

Step 6. WhatsApp will take a few seconds to load the restored messages. Once the app is open, check out all previous chats.

WhatsApp for Android with conversations retrieved from Google Drive backup

3. Recover a deleted conversation unintentionally

Step 1. For users who have deleted a conversation but have regretted it and want to re-access the content, there is a simple trick. The only requirement for retrieving the chat is that it has been deleted for at most 24 hours. In this example, we will delete a chat window;

WhatsApp conversation unintentionally deleted

Step 2. To redeem a specific conversation, uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp. You will need to complete the installation procedure and confirm the number described in the previous topic;

Uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp recovers deleted chats

Step 3. After restoring Google Drive backup, note that the main chat screen displays the chat that has been deleted.

WhatsApp deleted conversation can be recovered with app reinstallation

Ready. Take advantage of the tips and learn how to reverse the deletion of messages in WhatsApp.

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