Where to get: How to discover supermarket offers on your cell phone

The AondeConvem application gathers posters with supermarket promotions in several cities in the national territory. Available for iPhone (iOS) and Android smartphones, the tool allows you to view the list of offers of the week in products from nearby establishments. Applied to save on purchases, the app needs login for price lists to be displayed.

In the following lines, find out how to find the best deals in stores in your city, see how to use the Where on the mobile phone. We used an iPhone 7 with iOS 11.

Tutorial shows how to consult supermarket brochure by the Where to Go app

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Step 1. Open the application and tap the "Sign in with Facebook" option. Then press "Continue" in the alert window.

Action to start the app Where do you use a Facebook account

Step 2. Press the "Sign in with Facebook" button and choose "Open".

Action to continue the Facebook login in the Where to Go application

Step 3. To proceed, tap "Continue as (Facebook username), " and then tap "Open."

Action to continue the Facebook login in the Where to Go application

Step 4. Touch the "Categories" tab and enter the "Supermarkets" option.

Action to access offer categories in the Where to Apply application

Step 5. Choose one of the market brochures and check the valid offers.

Action to check supermarket prices in the Where to Go application

During the tests, we went to the market that made the poster available at the Where to find the offer. In this case, the value was below that stated in the app.

Product price found by the app Wherever conferred on the market shelf

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