Who can see WhatsApp Status? Learn how to control privacy

Changing WhatsApp Status privacy is important to control who can see your temporary posts on the messenger. The status tool lets you publish content that goes in 24 hours, similar to Instagram Stories, Facebook and Messenger - all inspired by Snapchat.

In WhatsApp, the user has four sharing options: with all contacts; with all but blocked; only with a selected friends or do not display to anyone. Here's how to set up the in-app feature for Android and iPhone (iOS), step-by-step.

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Android step by step

Step 1. Access the WhatsApp main menu and tap Settings. On the next screen, select the "Account" option.

Access your WhatsApp account settings

Step 2. In the "Privacy" menu, tap "Status" to configure the privacy of your stories.

Access Status Settings

Step 3. By default, WhatsApp Status displays your posts to all your contacts. In the "My contacts except" option you can create a list of blocked people, who will not be able to view your posts. These contacts will be blocked from interacting with you only in Status.

Create a blocked status contact list

Step 4. To create a more restricted list, choose the "Share with only" function. Then select one or more people who can see your Status. You can also leave the list blank - without selecting anyone else - so that your Status is visible only to you.

Select contacts to display Status

Step by Step iPhone (iOS)

Step 1. Access the WhatsApp "Settings" and tap the "Account" option.

Access WhatsApp account settings for iPhone

Step 2. Touch "Privacy", then go to the "Status" menu.

Adjust the privacy of the Status tool

Step 3. The Status is configured initially to share your posts with the entire contact schedule. Tap "My contacts except" to select blocked contacts. People will still be able to talk to you for common messages.

Select contacts prevented from viewing your Status

Step 4. If you want to create a more closed group with access to your publications, choose "Share with only" and select one or more contacts. You also can not select anyone and tap "Ok" at the top to make your Status invisible to everyone.

Select one or more contacts that can view your Status

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