Whoscall: app detects paid telephony services

The Whoscall application has a function to prevent unwanted charges from SMS services. With the feature, it is possible to identify horoscope signatures, news and games hired by mistake in various situations - such as clicking on links propagated in scams in WhatsApp.

The contracting of services via SMS without the express permission of the user is common in Brazil. According to Whoscall, this practice helps leverage the high number of claims about undue charges on the invoice, and about late-due claims.

Application helps you get rid of SMS services contracted without your consent

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Whoscall requires the maintenance of SMS messages from the last 30 days to track service sign ups. The platform crosses the content of the messages with a database of subscription services to tell if there is any active plan. After a few seconds' crawl, the app lists the contracted services so the user can evaluate whether the subscription was actually made by choice.

The application performs the operation locally and does not send the user's SMS messages to an external server. According to the developers, no personal information is stored. The function is free and unlimited. Whoscall, it is worth remembering, also has an identifier and call blocker and advanced SMS, to avoid spam.

How to track subscriptions via SMS with Whoscall

Step 1. Download and install Whoscall on your phone. From the home screen, tap the Floating button to start SMS tracking. Grant message read permissions to the app to proceed and tap "Detect Now".

Start Whoscall SMS scan on mobile

Step 2. In a few seconds, the application will show on the screen if there is any service contracted via SMS based on the mobile's message history. According to Whoscall, it is recommended that you re-check before each recharge on a prepaid line. This way, you can unsubscribe before any automatic charge.

Whoscall shows if there is any service contract via active SMS in your line

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