Windows 10 black and white? Learn how to solve

Leaving Windows 10 in black and white can be useful for anyone who has problems such as color blindness or sight sensitive to some tonality. The function is present in the accessibility tool, which allows you to apply color filters to the PC screen. However, it is common for users to unintentionally activate the function by pressing the keyboard shortcut.

In the following tutorial, check out how to disable the color filter in Windows 10 settings. The procedure was performed on the latest version of the Microsoft system. Step by step may be different in previous editions

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Learn how to disable the black and white color filter in Windows 10

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Step 1. Access the Windows 10 settings and press the "Ease of Access" option;

Open the Windows 10 accessibility settings

Step 2. On the left side of the window, select "Color filters". On the right, set the "Enable Color Filters" option to "Off" on the key. Just below, if you want, disable the shortcut so that the color filter is no longer accidentally enabled by the keyboard.

Disabling Color Filter and Shortcut Keys

Ready! That way, your PC screen will be colored again and you will never again unintentionally press the function's shortcut.

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