World Cup 2018: how to follow the games of SportTV by mobile

The SporTV Copa 2018 mobile app is a reference when it comes to the World Cup. It brings a dynamic game table, allowing you to activate alarms for the matches that will happen and see all the details of clashes closed or in progress. The free platform is updated minute by minute, bringing an always complete leaderboard.

With versions for Android and iOS, the app is the ideal complement to Globoplay, which displays live matches, for free. After watching the real-time clash, you can use SporTV Cup 2018 to review the main plays, check interviews and see schedules and crossroads of upcoming matches. Learn how to use the application.

See how to follow the 2018 World Cup with special SportTV application

How to watch the 2018 World Cup games on Globo

Step 1. Open the SporTV 2018 Cup on your smartphone. For a few seconds, the app shows an introductory screen with Cup mounts. After that, it opens in the "News" tab, without the need to login.

SporTV 2018 application home screens

Step 2. Scroll down to see the news, which will be sorted in reverse chronological order - from the latest to the newest. Videos within the articles are displayed directly in the app.

News with video on the SporTV 2018 Copa app

Step 3. It is through the "Games" that you will follow the matches of the World Cup. Inside it are two sub-tabs: "Closed" and "Next". In that first one, all the cards will have a button "See how it was". Touching it, you can see details of the confrontation, including videos with the main moments.

SporTV Cup 2018 game tab showing details of closed games

Step 4. Click "Bids" to see the plays, updated minute by minute. Already in "Escalação" are the information of all players in the field of both teams, with indications of who scored, took a card or was substituted.

Details of bids and starting lineup of the Cup closed in the SporTV app

Step 5. Tap "Next" to see the games that are still going to happen. They will have a bell that, when touched, activates an alert so that you do not miss the match in question.

Activation of alert for future matches in SporTV Copa 2018

Step 6. Touch the "BRA" button, located in the upper right corner of the screen, to see only matches in Brazil. The tool is valid for both upcoming and closed games. Note that, by default, all clashes in the selection already come with alarm enabled, but you can turn it off by tapping the bell again;

Step 7. Choose the "Alerts" tab to see all alarms enabled. To delete some, touch and hold your finger on it. Highlight all the alerts you want to delete and click the trash icon.

Exclusion of game alerts in the SporTV 2018 Cup application

Step 8. To see the points table of the selections, touch the "Classification" tab. The spreadsheet includes total points, number of games, number of games won, tied and lost, goals scored, goals taken and goal balance in that order. The Brazilian team is featured to make it easier to locate.

World Cup standings in SporTV Cup 2018

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