World Cup 2018: how to see the date of the games in Google Calendar

Adding the days of Russia 2018 Cup matches to your Google Calendar calendar is a simple task. To do so, just sign a public calendar shared by the site, which specializes in soccer tournaments. The information is synchronized over the Internet and automatically updated during the knockout stages.

Check out, in the next step, how to add the time of 2018 World Cup games in Google Calendar to the PC. You can enter the schedule of all the games of the league or just the specific matches of the Brazilian team.

How to save the 2018 World Cup games on mobile

Learn how to add game times to Google Calendar

Step 1. Go to the Google Calendar website and sign in to your account. Now click the "+" button to the right of "Add a calendar" just below the calendar in the upper left corner of the page. In the menu that appears, choose "From URL";

Adding a new calendar

Step 2. In the "Calendar URL" field, paste the link of the games from Brazil ( or all games of the Cup ( -2018-russia.ics) and confirm with the "Add agenda" option;

Paste the calendar link and add

Step 3. Now by going back to the main Google Calendar page, you'll see game times on your calendar. Click on an event to see the match details;

Details of a game in the calendar

Step 4. If you want to enable or disable viewing the games on your calendar, simply check or uncheck the box to the right of "FIFA 2018 World Cup" in the left sidebar of the page.

Enabling or disabling game viewing

Ready! Enjoy the tips to keep track of the day and time of all World Cup games with your Google Calendar calendar.

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