World Cup 2018: Instagram launches 'goal' filter; see how to use

The Instagram released a new filter for Stories in celebration of the 2018 World Cup. The animation changes according to the selected camera, interacting with the user's facial expression in selfie mode. When the front sensor is selected, simply open your mouth for the soccer balls and the word "Goal".

The rear camera also received animated effects in the themed filter, which works for photos and videos posted on the Stories and is available on Android and iPhone (iOS). Check below how to find, use and make posts with the filter to celebrate the outcome of the matches of Brazil.

Instagram wins video call and new filters for Stories

Instagram launches 2018 World Cup theme face filter

Step 1. When opening Instagram, tap the "Your Story" button and enter the filter tool. Note that it has a blue circle, which indicates the new addition of the World Cup filter;

Path to the Instagram World Cup theme filter

Step 2. Slide the filter carousel to the left until you reach the "Goal" sign. Selecting it with the back camera turned on, virtual chopped paper will drop and the word "Goal" will rise across the screen, with colored letters with the flags of the Cup selections. Touch the button to invert the camera by selecting the front sensor. The confetti will fall immediately. When you open your mouth, the word "Goal" will appear along with soccer balls. If you just want to take a photo, simply tap the shutter;

Instagram Cup Filter Demo on Selfie and Rear Cameras

Step 3. To record a video with the filter running, hold the shutter. Release when you want to stop the shoot or wait until the time runs out. Finally, choose "Your Story" to post to Instagram Stories, "Send To" if you want to send the video to a contact or "Save" to download without posting on the social network.

Story Publishing on Instagram with 2018 World Cup filter

What does the order of Stories that appear to me mean? Comment on the.

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