World of LoL 2018: know how to do missions, join Emblems and rewards

The League of Legends (LoL) 2018 World Championship started on the first of October and has a date for its final: 3 November. To celebrate the event, Riot Games provided a series of in-game missions. Each completed task yields a number of World Flags as a reward, which serve to make skins, frames, icons and other items on the game's Game tab. Here's how to complete missions and reap the rewards.

The LoL 2018 World Cup takes place in South Korea and will distribute a minimum of $ 2.2 million in prizes (about $ 8.8 million in direct conversion), a figure that could increase with the sale of event products. Brazil was represented in the competition by KaBuM! e-Sports, which was eliminated on Wednesday (3) after defeat to DetonatioN FocusMe (Japan).

LoL 2018 World Cup: See dates, times of the games and times in the tournament

What are missions?

The missions are tasks that range from following the games of the World Cup to meeting a specific goal in 5v5 matches in Summoner's Rift, such as causing 100, 000 damage or winning 25 matches. These tasks can reward you with World Cup Badges and also give you experience for your account.

Skins Championship are among the rewards you can acquire with the missions

Remember that missions occur during the weeks of the World Cup, which will be six in total. That is, there is a specific time limit for completing a given task. For example, the first week of missions began on September 27 and will end on October 8. If you do not complete a mission in this period, it will be discarded for a new cycle to begin.

There are also rewards just for watching World Cup matches and competition-related missions where you can earn rewards for participating in the game and for setting a certain number of results.

How to participate in the missions?

To participate, you should go to the present missions icon just below your friends list in the lower right corner. By clicking on the icon, you can start your World Cup tasks, being able to notice the rewards that each task will grant and see a bar that indicates its progress. In the image below, for example, we can see that the reward of one of the missions is five World Cup badges.

The reward for this mission is five World Cup emblems

In addition, in this same tab, it is shown how many days you have to complete a task. It is important to pay attention to this number because, in case the time limit passes, all your progress and rewards will be lost. The World Cup missions will be available until November 12th.

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