Writing note 1000 on Enem: Inep website shows examples

In order for students to make a "1000 note" essay in Enem 2018, the Ministry of Education, through Inep, offers a material with everything that needs to be known before the exam. The Writing Primer provides examples, guidelines on evaluation criteria, and teaches you step by step how to write text that is likely to get high marks. There are also writing examples to inspire participants.

The tips make the document an important reference for the Enem, favoring the performance of the student regardless of the theme of the essay chosen by the drafting bank. Here's how to access the online summary in PDF and download it to your computer.

ENEM 2018: six simulated sites and study questions

Inep Writing Primer provides examples for the 201em Enem

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Step 1. Access the official ENEM website at enem.inep.gov.br. Click on the "Before the test" option;

Go to the Before Tasting menu on the Enem website

Step 2. Select the side menu "Prepare for the tests";

Access the content menu for the Enem tests

Step 3. Click on the link inserted in the title "Participant's Booklet - Writing in the Enem 2018" to open the material in PDF;

Access the Writing Guide of the 201em Enem

Step 4. In general, the PDF opens in the browser itself. Look for the download button and click to download the document and consult anytime offline.

Download the PDF booklet on your computer

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