Xbox One: how to make live broadcasts used a webcam

Xbox One allows players to use a USB webcam to make live broadcasts. The function was added recently, since it was necessary to have a Kinect sensor before using this function. Check out the complete guide and learn how to set up your camera and stream it through the Mixer with your webcam on the Microsoft console.

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Step 1. Press the central button of the Xbox One controller and go to the "Transmit and Capture" tab (see photo below). Click "Broadcast" to set up a stream on your console;

Xbox One: how to make live broadcasts used a webcam

Step 2. Plug a USB webcam into one of the ports on your Xbox One and click A on the "Camera" button to enable it for broadcasts;

Plug your USB webcam to the Xbox One and enable the Camera button

Step 3. Click "More Options" to set up your camera to the Xbox One Mixer;

Go to the options to set up the webcam on your Xbox One

Step 4. Click "Change lower right camera settings" to adjust your webcam on Xbox One;

Click the camera settings on Xbox One

Step 5. In this screen you can change the positioning of the camera frame, add zoom and adjust the angle of your camera on Xbox One;

Here you can position the camera and choose angles and zoom to broadcast on Xbox One

Step 6. Clicking on "Full Screen Camera" will cause the webcam image to be full screen;

You can also fill the entire screen with the camera image on Xbox One

Step 7. After configuring your camera, click "Start Broadcast" to put your live in the air;

Streaming "to start streaming on Xbox One

Step 8. Users watching your video will be able to see the image of your camera in the location you have chosen.

Everyone watching your live will be able to see the image of your Xbox One camera

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