Xbox One: How to Stream Games Using the Mixer

The Xbox One features the built-in online mixer platform in its interface, allowing gamers to stream their games with ease. The system is packed with options such as chat, integrated camera support and sharing controls, and can be controlled by the console tab. Check out the complete tutorial on how to do broadcasts in the Mixer through the Microsoft console.

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Step 1. To start a broadcast on the Xbox One Mixer, press the central button on the control (the X illuminated) and select the Mixer icon (see photo below);

Open the Xbox One guide and go to the Mixer's tab

Step 2. Click "Broadcast" to configure your Mixer stream on Xbox One;

Click Broadcast to adjust Mixer details

Step 3. In this screen you can adjust and enable several options, such as chat for the attendee, use of microphone, camera or sensor Kinect and other functions;

In this screen it is possible to enable chat of other users, camera and other details

Step 4. Clicking on "More Options" you can add a title to your Mixer broadcast, which will be shown to the users of the platform and will help in the search for your content;

Add a title to your stream in the Mixer

Step 5. After connecting your Kinect sensor or a USB camera, choose the positioning of the frame so that it does not cover important information of your game;

Position your camera frame in the Xbox One Mixer

Step 6. The overlapped interface of the Mixer can also be moved. In it you can check out comments, viewing information and other important data;

Choose the location of the overlay with Mixer broadcast information

Step 7. When you finish adjusting your stream, click and "Start Broadcast" to go online in the Mixer;

Start your Mixer stream over the Xbox One

Step 8. One of the cooler options of the Mixer is to share your controls with your viewers, so they can control the games remotely. Click the button marked to enable the function;

Enable sharing control to play with whoever watches you in the Mixer

Step 9. On the official Mixer website, you can further configure your profile on the network. There you can add profile image, custom covers, description and even links to your social networks, as well as check information and analysis on your audience.

Open your Mixer account in your browser to customize your profile

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