Xbox One: How to use the new 'Groups' function to organize games and apps

Xbox One received a major update in July, which among many features added the new and long-awaited Groups tool. With it, you can create custom folders to separate games and applications from the Microsoft console, and make them stand out and make it easier to access. Have not you tried the novelty? Check out the complete guide on how to use it.

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Step 1. From the Xbox One main menu, click on "My Games & Apps" (see photo below) to find the new feature;

games and apps "

Step 2. Choose the "Groups" tab and click the "Create a group" button, located at the bottom of the screen;

On your Xbox One select the Groups tab and click Create a Group

Step 3. You will need to give the new group a name to use as their label. Type using the Xbox One Virtual Keyboard and click Enter;

Give a name to your new Xbox One games and apps group

Step 4. Time to add games and apps to the new folder on your Xbox One. Click A on each of the items you want to include in your new group. You can filter for games and apps, and items that are already downloaded or available for download;

Select the games and apps you want to add to your new Xbox One group

Step 5. When you are done adding your games and apps, click the "Add" button on the right side of the screen. Note that you can add more items to your group later;

Click the 'Add' button to finalize your games folder on the Xbox One

Step 6. Now that your new folder is ready, it will be available in the "Groups" tab of "My Games and Apps". Click Start on the group title and select "Add to Start" to pin it to the Xbox One Home screen;

You can add your game group to the Xbox One main menu

Step 7. Okay, now you can organize all your Xbox One games and apps in different groups.

Run your games with your new Xbox One group

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