Xbox One: See how to check your account summary for 2018

Xbox One received the new edition of "Year in Review" for 2018, a kind of retrospective that players can access to check data on their Xbox Live achievements and achievements during the year, and even generate an exclusive item. Check out the guide and learn how to remember 2018 on your Xbox One.

Recall Xbox One's Year in Review in 2017

Step 1. In your web browser, go to the Year in Review page. Select "Sign in to get started" and sign in with your Xbox Live account;

Xbox One: See how to check your account summary for 2018

Step 2. Go through the bottom menu by clicking "Next" to go to the next pages. From the outset you'll be able to see how your account compares to the console community in general, and what your position is among the players;

Follow the bar to check data on its performance in the year with the Xbox One

Step 3. Your favorite gaming genres and styles will yield unique items. Click on the little "+" to collect them and go through the screens to collect the presents;

Step 4. Your most played game on Xbox One will also be revealed in the year in Review, entitled to exact hours of use and achievements released;

In the retrospective of the Xbox One you can check out your favorite game of 2018

Step 5. Another stat is the total number of hours spent playing on the console, which can be compared to that of friends and the Xbox One player community. By choosing one of your achievements, you will unlock a different item;

Total game hours on the Microsoft console are also interesting data, which can be compared to friends

Step 6. At the end of the flashback, an animated Christmas globe will be generated with all items unlocked by you according to your performance and choices on Xbox Live during the year 2018;

At the end of the retrospective, you'll receive an exclusive Christmas globe with items for your year on Xbox One

Step 7. At the bottom of the screen, you can still click "Download" to download a .jpg version, to share on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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