Xiaomi Mi Box: learn how to update Android from the media center

The Xiaomi Mi Box is a media center that runs Android and can receive updates via Wi-Fi as well as any phone or tablet with the operating system. However, the device does not usually issue on-screen notifications when new downloads are available, forcing the user to use the manual procedure to check for download updates.

The device leaves the factory with Android 6 (Marshmallow) and has received at least two software updates with bug fixes. The manufacturer already starts testing Android 8 (Oreo) on the device, but has not yet released date to release the use of the platform for everyone. While the novelty is not enough, see how to manually search for updates.

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Xiaomi Mi Box

Step 1. Scroll to the home screen footer and access system settings;

Access Android TV settings

Step 2. Slide horizontally in the first row of options until "About";

Go to the Settings About menu

Step 3. Make sure the device has an active Wi-Fi connection and select the option "System update";

Search for a new system update

Step 4. The device will search for new updates immediately. If there are any packages available, you will see an "Android System Update" warning on the screen with a description of what's new, including file size. Select "Download" to start downloading;

Download an available update

Step 5. At the end of the download, click "Restart now" to turn off the device, apply the update and restart automatically;

Restart Mi Box to install update

Step 6. In case of regret, you can cancel the restart and installation of the update for 10 seconds.

User has 10 seconds to cancel installation

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