YouTube Premium: How to create a subscription and test for free

YouTube Premium is the paid version of Google's video hosting platform, but you can use the free service for three months of testing. Subscribers can watch free advertising content, check out all Originals content, as well as background content playback functionality. The package also offers the entire YouTube Music and Google Play Music library. For those who are interested in joining, it is possible to perform a trial subscription, which guarantees a period of three months free trial. Check out the next step by step how to test the service without paying anything.

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YouTube Premium has exclusive services and features

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Step 1. Go to YouTube and click "Sign in" to access your Google account;

Login "to connect your account to YouTube

Step 2. Enter your Google email and go to "Next";

Enter your Google email and sign in to YouTube

Step 3. Next, enter the password and click "Next" again;

Enter the password to login to your YouTube account

Step 4. You will be redirected to the YouTube home page. Touch the profile icon, located at the top right of the screen. In the drop-down menu that appears, go to "Subscriptions";

Step 5. Below the YouTube Premium option, click on "Learn more";

more "to access YouTube Premium

Step 6. On the page you open, click the "Free Trial" button;

free "to evaluate YouTube Premium

Step 7. If you do not have a GPay payment service, enter the CPF number, the date of birth and press "Confirm";

Enter data for YouTube Premium payment registration

Step 8. On the next screen, continue with the inclusion of your housing data. To finish, touch "Continue";

Enter your residential details to complete your GPay registration and use YouTube Premium

Step 9. Then enter your credit card number, month and year due date, and the card security code (CVC). Complete when you click once more to buy;

Enter credit card data to pay on the YouTube platform

Step 10. A welcome message will appear to the YouTube premium service. Go to "Done" to start using.

Try YouTube Premium immediately

Google will discount the amount of $ 1.00 - which will be extorted afterwards - to find out if the card is valid. It is worth mentioning that the subscription is not automatically canceled and the amount of $ 20.90 is now charged as of the fourth month. It is up to the user to cancel the package before this time to avoid charging.

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