YouTube Premium: How to download videos to watch offline on mobile

YouTube Premium is the new subscription mode of the video application, which allows, among other advantages, download videos to watch offline on the mobile. When you sign up for the service or use the free three-month period, the app releases a download button on the videos screen. The file can be downloaded to Wi-Fi and watched later, even if the user is offline. The download is not available in the smartphone memory to be transferred to the PC, but can be accessed at any time within the YouTube app itself, in the same way as Netflix does.

Here's how to use the function in the tutorial played on a Galaxy S8 with Android 8 Oreo.

YouTube Premium allows you to download videos on your phone

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Step 1. To enable the download feature, first tap on your profile photo and select "Access YouTube Premium".

Enable YouTube Premium to enable downloading videos

Step 2. After activating the trial period, open any video to see the download button. Touch to open the resolution selection window. The app shows the size of each download option. Select "Ok" to proceed.

Choose the resolution and size of the video

Step 3. After the download, the button indicates that the content is saved and can be accessed without internet.

Download videos on YouTube to watch without internet

Step 4. YouTube lists all saved videos in the "Library" menu.

Access the list of downloaded videos on YouTube

Step 5. To remove the videos and free memory on your phone, tap the next menu and choose "Delete from downloads".

Remove downloaded videos on YouTube

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