How to play Westworld, mobile game based on TV series

Awaited since the start of the second season of the series of the same name, Westworld is a game for Android and iOS in which the player controls a park that simulates the Wild West. However, the scenarios are populated by sophisticated robots (or hosts) who play roles to entertain visiting humans (or guests).

Each host requires special attention, whether in the management of guest activities or in maintenance and upgrades. Thus, the evolution in the simulator requires attention in multiple tasks, as well as planning in the evolution of installations and improvement of robots. Here's how to play the game:

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Learn how to play Westworld

Step 1. Put your hosts to interact with the guests in the park. In each scenario of the game, the visitors went to the establishments where they want to entertain themselves. Some prefer card games or bar fights, other box robberies, or bank negotiations;

Sallon Mariposa is the fastest interactions in the game

You have to choose the robots that represent roles of the same color and on the same level as the interaction that human visitors demand. After a certain amount of time, when the activities between the two ends, the guest will leave satisfied while the host acquires experience points and the player receives credits in coins and other bonuses.

Items of the same color and same symbol increase the bonus on the interactions

Likewise, it is important to choose a host with the same character as the guest. The hats, white, black and brown, represent, respectively, their attitudes as "Mocinho", "Bandido" or "Neutro". Interactions that combine the same colored hats guarantee extra credits and prizes.

Hosts and guests with hats of the same color increase the bonuses

Step 2. As the player level increases, upgrade the Control Room. The underground facilities of Delos, the company that manages the park, are coordinated by the Control Room. Thus, whenever this is updated, new establishments of the park or accommodation of the company will be unblocked;

The Control Room, in the center of underground facilities, is the heart of the park

When the game starts, only the Sweetwater scenario is available. However, as the Control Room is improved, four more scenarios will be unlocked as well as their facilities and upgrade options.

The game's scenarios are unlocked with updates in the Control Room

In addition, the Enhancement of the Control Room also releases new underground facilities from Delos. Dr. Ford's Office, Critical Analysis and Daydream rooms, as well as the various lodgings to build are unlocked in this way, and each one presented by a brief and efficient tutorial.

Dr. Ford's Office secures special emerald credits from time to time

Step 3. Increase the experience level and version your hosts. Every interaction between human visitors and robots guarantees experience points for them, but there is a limit according to its version. In the case, 1.0 hosts go up to 1.10, while 2.0 will reach 2.20, following logic up to version 5.0, with a maximum level of 5.50.

Hosts have the limit of updates determined by their version

In this sense, it is also necessary to improve the version of the robots in the Reconstruction Room. This installation discards hosts in exchange for experience points to raise the level of others, but can also upgrade versions - but with costs equivalent to the level of evolution.

The Reconstruction Room allows to increase the experience and update the version of the robots

Step 4. Periodically maintain your hosts in the Diagnostic Room. Every time your robots interact with guests, there is certain wear and tear that can end up leading to a crash. Thus, it is important to routinely make revisions in the Diagnostic Room, avoiding longer periods of restoration of more severe deteriorations;

The Diagnostic Room makes minor repairs or repairs serious breeches, caused by excessive wear and tear.

Step 5. In the Biomaterials Room, create 3D Ink and Synthetic Blood stocks. It is important to stock these products because the former is needed to build robot props or new host projects in the Production Room while the latter is needed to rebuild robots in the Office Room;

Produce and stock 3D Ink and Synthetic Blood in the Biomaterials Room

Step 6. Improve the attributes of your hosts with Props and Daydreams. Robots improve their features with increased level of experience and improved versioning. However, you can add extra enhancements that improve the score on the qualities and roles of the hosts;

Daydreams increase attribute percentages and can be improved

While the Daydreams are randomly added to any host, and can be increased at any time, the Props are special equipment and require large amounts of materials and 3D Ink.

Props enhance specific features of hosts' roles

Both Daydreams and Prerequisites for Props are gained over interactions with visitors, but there is a greater likelihood of receiving them in interviews with technicians in the Escalante scenario.

In the Escalante scenario it is easier to receive Daydreams and materials to build props

Step 7. Prioritize interactions with VIP guests, since the receipt of credit and bonuses are always greater. Although these human guests have a higher level of requirement, it is possible to visualize the route of their visits, while the hosts receive more experience points;

Interactions with VIP guests ensure higher awards

However, VIP guests require interactions to take place in less than 4 hours. Except "The man in black." This visitor, as well as the character of the series, constantly wanders through the game's scenarios, but rewards the player with codes of special hosts, such as Dolores, Bernard and Lawrence.

The character "The Man in Black" runs through the park's settings and is demanding but guarantees special awards

Step 8. Plan the upgrades of your hosts as there are limits on the number of robots and you need strategies to make your roles level. Although it is possible to increase the host accommodation space with the special credits in emeralds, it is advisable to only use codes in the Building Room for the robots that are actually being used;

Save the codes to assemble robots in the Construction Room so you do not have problems with the host limit

Similarly, in the Reconstruction Room, it is important to use the same hosts to increase the level of experience or improve the version. While robots and prototypes of the same character guarantee bonus points of experience, the use of one host in rebuilding another of the same type ensures a higher level of roles.

In the Reconstruction Room, equal hosts to increase experience level or version can improve the grade of their roles

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