How to take a second copy of TIM's account

TIM customers can use the My TIM app to check the second line of the bill for the mobile phone. Available for free for iPhone (iOS) and Android, the platform lets you email or open the PDF file directly on your smartphone. This way, it is not necessary to wait for the arrival of the document or to contact the operator to request the account.

The application is accessed with a password that is sent to the user's mobile phone. It also displays information about data consumption and minutes. To learn how to get your invoice from My TIM, follow the steps in the following tutorial. We performed the procedure on an iPhone 7 with iOS 11.

Tutorial shows how to take the second copy of the TIM account by cell phone

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Step 1. Open the My TIM app and tap the invoice icon at the bottom of the screen. Then select the account labeled "Open".

Action to view options for a Tim account by mobile

Step 2. Tap "View account" and wait a few moments. When you do this, use the sharing options to send the invoice by email, online messages, or import the document into some PDF application.

Action to get Tim's second account by cell phone

Use tips to make sure you pay your TIM account using the free My TIM app.

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