How to Use DogHero and Find Ramblers for Your Dog

The DogHero app is a tool that allows you to find people to walk around with your dogs. Available for iPhone (iOS) and Android smartphones, the platform offers options to schedule weekly or single tours and sends the request to registered caregivers. For the user, simply include your dog's information, add his address and respond to a quick questionnaire to close a ride request.

After the request, the system searches for the caregiver that best fits the animal's profile and sends a response within 24 hours via email and cell phone notifications. Tours of 30 minutes or 1 hour, cost from $ 25. Payment is made in the application by credit card.

Tutorial shows how to use the DogHero app to find people to walk with your dog

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Just like in Uber or 99 Pop, users can view in real time the path taken by the caregiver. In this way, it is possible to check where the person went with the dog and even suggest changes in the path.

For now, the platform works only in the city of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. To test the application, we use an upgraded iPhone 7 with iOS 11 operating system.

Step 1. Open the app and, if you do not have a registered dog, take the steps to register it. Otherwise, tap "Skip".

Action to start the dog registration in the DogHero app

Step 2. When prompted, log in or quickly create an application in your app using your Facebook account.

Action to create a profile on DogHero by mobile

Step 3. Enter your neighborhood and tap on the corresponding search result. In the next screen, choose the option "Rides".

Action to enter a user's location in the DogHero app

Step 4. Select your dog and touch "Continue". At this point, let the animal know how he behaves when going out on the street and touch "Continue".

Action to start the search for a ride in the DogHero app

Step 5. Set the walking time you want. If you choose 30 minutes, the amount is 25 reais. For 60 minutes, 35 reais is charged. Touch "Continue". Then set whether the ride will be single or weekly. For the second option, check the days of the week you want and the period of the tour. Touch the "Continue" button again.

Information about a requested ride in the DogHero app

Step 6. Set the date and time of the tour and touch to continue. In the next option, set its address with number and reference. Touch "Continue".

Action to set an exit time and address for a tour that will be scheduled in the DogHero app

Step 7. Tell if you will be home to receive the caregiver and then tap "Continue" to finalize the questions about the tour. On the payment page, check out the most important data you provided, and then tap "Request Ride".

Action to set whether the owner will be at home and action to close a ride request in the DogHero app

Step 8. If you did not provide a form of payment, tap "Insert a credit card" and fill in your details. Back to the purchase screen, touch "Request tour".

Action to finalize the purchase of a ride in the DogHero app

Step 9. An alert will be posted on the screen to advise that your tour will be confirmed within 24 hours by email and notification of the app on your mobile.

Confirmation screen for ride request in the DogHero app

Take the hint whenever you need a person to walk with your dog.

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