Red Dead Redemption 2: How to play the beta of Red Dead Online

Red Dead Redemption 2 is the new Rockstar game released for PS4 and Xbox One. The action game in the Wild West began testing the online mode, Red Dead Online Beta, on November 27, 2018, and you can already experience the way right now. Understand how to play the beta in our complete tutorial:

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As usual in beta testing of video games, the developer will release the mode to all players gradually, following a pre-defined calendar of access that rewards players who have acquired the game earlier or in more expensive versions of collector.

On November 27, the mode will be released to the owners of the Red Dead Redemption 2 Final Edition with the redemption of the download code that comes with the game box. On November 28, access will be released to everyone who played the game on October 26, according to data from Rockstar servers. On November 29, access will be granted to all who played between October 26 and 29 and, on November 30, access will be released to all players on the planet.

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Step 1. Rockstar wants to ensure the smooth operation of its servers. Thus, the developer will apply a rigid agenda to the online accesses and will gradually increase the game population, freeing the mode for more players each day, which helps ensure the smooth operation of the servers and prevents falls in the system.

Rockstar will gradually release access to the game to test the servers

Step 2. You do not need to download from online stores from Sony and Microsoft to play online as the mode is automatically obtained through a normal software update.

After the automatic update the online mode is released, but the store is still locked

Already available when you boot your console, the update takes up little more than 5GB and runs in the background. At the end of the download, the game will be updated and online mode support will be enabled;

Step 3. After downloading the necessary data and making sure that it meets the calendar requirements mentioned in the previous steps, restart the game and start a game of Red Dead Redemption 2 normally.

In the game's home menu, press the RB button on Xbox One or R1 on the PlayStation 4 to access the online tab in the upper right corner of the screen. Confirm the terms of play online and you will be taken to Sisika Penitentiary (Sisika Penitentiary);

Step 4. After creating a new character, which will be used for both the beta and future online game matches, various activities will be enabled for testing on the adventure map.

Must create a new character for online mode

According to Rockstar's official press release, the expectation is that "the player's progress during the Beta period will be maintained in the long run, but there are chances that it will be necessary to readjust ranks and statistics in the final version, ", do not cling much to the progress made in the beta, as it may disappear;

Step 5. As it is a Beta test period, it is still not possible to visit the new stores in the city, which in the future will offer micro transactions for the purchase of cosmetic items.

Not all areas and modes are already available

With the gold bars bought in stores it will be possible to invest in cosmetics such as new skins, decoration for the camp and weapons with a different look;

Step 6. The beta test period does not yet have an official closing date, and the expectation is that it will last for several weeks or even months. Until then, it is possible to challenge other players in Showdown, or Clash mode.

Click on the races or duels icon on the map to access multiplayer modes

Just interact with the boards in town to start the duels, which can be Team Shootout (Unlimited Lives), Make It Count (Archery with Limited Ammo), Most Wanted (Hostile Points Raise Points), Hostile Territory (teams try to dominate the map) and Name Your Weapon (killing with exotic weapons yields more points).

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