2018 World Cup Album: How to play the virtual version of the collection

The 2018 World Cup Virtual Album arrived in Brazil. And the new fever has also gained a virtual version, where collectors can have their cards without the need to spend any money. And he teaches you to play this new mania. Check out:

Playing to collect

First, you need to access the Official Website of the Virtual Album and you will have access to the main page of the game. This is where you get the information of how many cards you have, how many packages are open, among other information that we will give more details soon.

How to play the 2018 World Cup album

In it, at first, you will get two packages for free. It is possible to open and view purchased cards, but you must complete the registration to gain three more and have access to other options, such as to exchange your repeated ones.

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Once you have registered and managed to open all packages, you need to put the cards in the virtual album. To do this, you can drag each of the cards to the album itself, or flip through the pages until you find which ones have cards to be "pasted". Just keep an eye on the space that has a "+" symbol, as shown in the figure below.

How to play the 2018 World Cup album

Getting more packages

If in the real game you can buy new packages at any time, in the virtual album, you must wait to receive a quantity of two packages daily. Thus, the game lasts longer, and does not end quickly.

But there are also other options for getting more packages. The first one is to get the codes that come from real cards. They appear on special cards, as in the official photos of participating countries. Just redeem them on the websites and win new bundles.

How to play the 2018 World Cup album

It is also possible to add other promotional codes, published on FIFA's own social networks, from Coca-Cola (official sponsor of the competition) and also from Panini, the company that publishes the official album.

Replacing repeated

And just like in the collection of truth, it is also possible to have and exchange repeated cards. For this, there is an area dedicated to such a function, where you can place the cards that you want to give, and choose which ones you want to receive in return.

How to play the 2018 World Cup album

To do this, go to the Swap Area function. There, you will choose the cards that you want to make available and choose whether the exchange will be made with members from around the world, or just from a group of collectors.

How to play the 2018 World Cup album

Still on groups, it is possible to create one where only 10 friends and invited guests can participate, compete with each other who complete the album first and exchange cards only among the members.

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