Canarinho pistol: how to use the cup mascot meme on Facebook

The Canarinho, 2018 World Cup mascot, can be used in Facebook's profile photo. Fondly nicknamed "Canarinho Pistola" by the unfriendly facial expression, the Brazilian mascot will not appear in the tournament matches because only the official will be allowed, but FIFA's veto did not prevent the character from falling into the taste of the Brazilians. Here's how to apply the image to your profile photo on your computer and mobile phone.

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On the computer

Step 1. Open Facebook and tap on your photo to open the profile;

Access your Facebook profile

Step 2. Hover over the photo and select the "Update profile photo" option;

Change Facebook profile photo

Step 3. Press "Add theme";

Add a theme to your photo

Step 4. Look for the canarinho theme in the search field and select the desired item from the list on the left;

Apply the theme of Canarinho Pistol

Step 5. Adjust the mascot on your photo. Then select a deadline to stick with the modified image and confirm the setting under "Use as profile photo" in the lower right corner.

Use the mascot on your Facebook profile picture

On the cellphone

Step 1. Open the Facebook app on Android or iPhone (iOS) and touch your photo to open the profile. Then touch "Edit";

Access your Facebook profile on your phone

Step 2. To open the themes menu, you need to simulate a photo change, even if you do not want to change the image. Choose a photo, even if it is the same;

Select a profile photo

Step 3. Touch "Add theme" and search for the mascot of Canarinho Pistol;

Add the theme of the Canarinho Pistol

Step 4. Select a deadline to keep the current photo modified and end on "Use."

Set the validity of the changed photo and apply the changes

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