Facebook changes Events tool; know how to use

The Facebook Events tool was redesigned by the social network in order for this type of publication to gain evidence when posted on the users' profile. The appeal is now limited to ten categories such as engagement announcement, news of a new job or moving to a new home.

In addition, new settings have been added to the platform: it is possible to choose the image of the publication from a gallery of illustrations of Facebook itself, or to take pictures of pages or users marked in the post. Videos can also be included in Events. Here's how to use the in-app feature for Android and iPhone (iOS) from Facebook and on the PC through the site.

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By the Facebook application

Step 1. To access the "Events" in the Facebook application, go to your profile and scroll to the "Publications" section. The "Events" feature is now next to "Status" and "Photos". Touch it to use it;

In the app, click your profile, scroll to "Publications" and touch "Events"

Step 2. Choose one of the most commonly used event suggestions, displayed at the top of the screen, or tap one of the tool's available theme categories, listed below;

Choose a suggestion or one of the 10 available event categories

Step 3. Finish the process of sorting the Event category by choosing one of the displayed types, and then type the text of the publication. At the bottom of the post will be the commands to insert extra features: photos or videos, tag contacts, set posting location or access the camera of the device to shoot or take a photo at the time for publication;

Select one of the event types within the category, type your publication text, and choose extra features

Step 4. After writing the text and inserting the extra features, touch edit to change attached images. The "Today" button defines the date of the posting of Events. This configuration also helps to mark events that have occurred so that they are displayed in "Souvenirs";

Step 5. The Event publications will be presented in their timeline according to the date chosen for the post, also displaying small animations to indicate the tannings of each contact;

Event posts will be displayed on the timeline, with brief animations indicating the tanned

By the Facebook site

Step 1. To access Facebook's "Events" by the browser, enter your profile and select the feature at the top of the page, also in the publications part;

On the profile page, select the "Events" option

Step 2. Facebook will display five categories of Events and their secondary ratings. Choose one or press "Create yours" to make a new one;

Select an option, highlighted by the Facebook presentation, among the 5 categories and the types of Events available

Step 3. Write the text of your Events publication and enter additional information, such as type, date, secondary text or contact markup. You can also upload photos from your PC or from Facebook itself;

Write the text of Events and customize the publication with photos, date, location or addition of contacts and click "Save" to finish

Step 4. The Event publications in the browser will also be displayed on the user's timeline, according to the date chosen, and will display brief animations indicating the tannings of each contact.

The publication will be displayed in the timeline, also according to the chosen date

Via Facebook and CNET

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