Facebook releases profiles with artistic images; learn how to use

Facebook allows iPhone (iOS) and Android-powered mobile users to use an artistic photo as a profile cover. The application option, which offers colorful drawings, natural landscape photos and geometric art patterns, is ideal for the profile to draw attention of other people in the social network. Even if the function is optimized for the application, the selected skin is also displayed when visiting the profile by the computer.

He has prepared a tutorial that teaches you how to choose and use an artistic image as a Facebook cover. Learn more in the walkthrough below.

Tutorial shows how to apply on the cover of your profile artistic images suggested by the Facebook app

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Step 1. Open Facebook and touch the icon in the lower-right corner of the screen. Then open your profile.

Action to access a user profile in the Facebook app

Step 2. Touch the "Edit" in your current cover photo and choose the "Select artwork" option.

Action to view artistic images to use as a profile cover on Facebook

Step 3. Choose the image you want to use as a cover and touch "OK". Once this is done, look at how your profile will look on your cell phone and press "Save" to effect the change of cover.

Action to define an artistic image as the cover of a Facebook profile

Take the tip to draw attention to your Facebook profile using as cover an artistic image or landscape.

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