God of War: How to Win Mattugr Helson, boss of the underworld of the PS4 game

God of War of PS4, released after God of War: Ascension, has a number of bosses and very difficult fights throughout his journey. One, however, stands out among the challenges. During his passage into the underworld, Kratos encounters Mattugr Helson, a kind of lookout guarding the bridge of the dead. His appearance resembles that of a common enemy, but he is one of the most difficult bosses, with attacks that can kill you in few hits. Learn how to beat Helson in the adventure:

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Step 1. Mattugr Helson will come up with his gigantic tacape, the secret is to avoid him whenever possible;

God of War: Avoid Mattugr Helson at the start of the fight

Step 2. In this fight, your avoidance will be your main ally. I dodge whenever I can, do not try to attack again and again. The main attack of Mattugr Helson hits twice in a row, remember that;

God of War: Mattugr Helson attacks twice in a row

Step 3. The weapon to be used in this fight is the blade of chaos. Attack with the blades from a safe distance, to avoid blows;

God of War: Mattugr Helson attack with blades of chaos

Step 4. Mattugr Helson launches negative energy spheres. Avoid getting hit by them at any cost, dodging, because they take a lot of life;

God of War: deflect the energy spheres launched by Mattugr Helson

Step 5. Repeat the previous steps and take distance to heal with the energies left on the floor, of broken pots;

God of War: take distance from Mattugr Helson

Step 6. Use the special attacks of the blade of chaos when the monster attacks without stopping, this will avoid damage;

God of War: Use the special attacks of Blades of Chaos when Mattugr Helson attacks

Step 7. When it is very weak, hit the analog R3 click and end the combat.

God of War: When Mattugr Helson is very weak, finish with R3

From there, Kratos will continue his journey in the underworld.

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