How to download mods and cheats for Surviving Mars, new strategy game

Surviving Mars, the strategy game that simulates a civilization on Mars, supports tricks and mods in its space colony. Enhance production, automate the work of your drones, or add cheats to receive financial aid. Here's how to download and install mods on the PC version of the game.

Surviving Mars: game brings elements of Sim City on Mars

Via Steam

Step 1. In the Steam application, open the Surviving Mars page, and then click on "Community Central";

Access the Surviving Mars Community Center

Step 2. On the new screen, go to the "Workshop" tab;

Step 3. Open the mod page and press the "Subscribe / Subscribe" icon. The file will be automatically downloaded to the game;

Step 4. In the game, open the "Mod Manager" menu and enable the modification.

Activate the modification in the Mod Manager menu of Surviving Mars

Manual Installation

Step 1. Download the files on the Nexus Mods website;

Download the Surviving Mars mods manually

Step 2. Use Winrar to extract the .zip file in the folder "C: \ Users \ YourName \ AppData \ Roaming \ Surviving Mars \ Mods";

If you can not find the folder, create one with this name.

Step 3. Open the game and activate the mod in the "Mod Manager" menu.

Open Surviving Mars and enable the mod before playing

Mod Manager

The Mod Manager is a menu on the home screen with the list of mods that are installed in the game. The tool allows you to enable or disable the modifications at any time. Back up the saves and check the compatibility of the mods before enabling more than one in the game.

Use Mod Manager to organize your mods on Surviving Mars

Surviving Mars Cheats

Surviving Mars has a mod with a full menu of cheats. Download this link and follow the instructions above to install. Activate it in the Mod Manager and press "F2" inside the game to open the code screen.

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