How to find Amil doctor by cell phone

The Amil application for Android and iPhone (iOS) allows customers to find the nearest doctors' offices, clinics, hospitals, emergencies and diagnostic services. In this way, it is possible to search the entire accredited network without needing a computer nearby.

If you are a health plan user, learn how to find doctors in the following tutorial. The tutorial procedures were performed on a Xiaomi Mi A1 with Android O (8).

Amil Client application allows doctors to find and mark appointments

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Step 1. Open the Amil Clients application on your phone. If this is your first time using the app, you will need to make a registration from the home screen, filling in your birth date, email, CPF or plan card number. You will also need to create a new password. After logging in, on the home screen, tap the "Accredited Network Search" button.

Access the search section on the accredited network

Step 2. To do the research, you will first need to tell where you want to be served. Fill in the three specifications of the desired location: "State", "City" and "Neighborhood". To do this, simply touch the field below each option, as in the example, which reads "Choose the State", and select the appropriate region. Then press the "Search" button.

Select the location of the service

Step 3. Next, select the service provider: "Offices / Clinics", "Elective Hospitals", "24 hour Emergency Room" or "Ancillary Diagnostic Services". Press the button. The app will display a list, in alphabetical order, with the subcategories. In the case of clinics and clinics, for example, choose the medical specialty you are looking for.

Choose the type of service provider and specialty you want

Step 4. The application will list all the professionals (or establishments) compatible with the search, according to the location and specialty filters. Select one of them to view information - name, address, and phone number.

The app will display a list with all supported options and your contact information

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